Tuesday night ramblings...

Drawing has become my calming place.  When I get stressed out, or just need a breather, I draw.  Today was one of those days.  Overall, my day was good.  I had about three kids absent from class today.  They are all good kids, but removing three wiggling 8 year olds from my room gave us a little more peace.  The class day was followed by a meeting that I had to speak at.  I love to talk, but it is amazing to me how nervous I can get in a group of people that I know. 

As I left my classroom today, I ventured into my house to meet a friend to workout and followed that by hurriedly making dinner for my husband before he got off work.  Tonight was filled with laughs with my good friend, cooking and then the grad school...enter the stresser! lol.

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to get my PhD.  It is something I never thought in a million years I would do.  If you had asked me in high school, I was going to be a teacher.  The end, that's it.  However, the older I get the more I have wanted to learn and the more people who have crossed my path and said, you are able.  So here I am, not feeling very able, feeling stressed... but I'm determined to finish! This is what comes of it.  Its free for those who want it and I sure hope that I have people reading my blog that share my beliefs and I hope I have those of you that don't. (We can all be friends here, no judgement.)  For me, though, this is where I find peace...at the cross.  So as I put pen to paper tonight and began sketching my newest set of kiddos.  The cross came to mind.  The fact that I have a beautiful Savior, who has given me so many talents to share in my little spot in the world.  The stress, at least for the moment is gone, and I head to bed in peace knowing that there is something so much greater than all our fears, doubts, worries and all the ugliness that seems to inundate the world today.  At the end of the day there is a rock to lean on, my God whom I can rest assured gives me something solid to firmly plant my feet upon.

Thanks for "listening" to my ramble.  I don't often think many read this, but hey, you never know if you don't write it down and click publish.


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