The story behind the logo...

It is so interesting to see what contributes to someone choosing to make something that represents them or there brand.  Some use a last name or others use nicknames or one of their favorite animals or their hobby.  The list goes on and on.

In reflecting on my logo, I can still remember when I sat contemplating what to choose for my store.  What would make people want to click to see me?  At the time I was single with high hopes of one day finding the illusive "the one" (side note, he did appear and marry me about a year and a half into my TpT adventure).  So I didn't want to use my name and build a brand around something that might change.  I also didn't want to use my first name because EVERYONE spells it wrong or mispronounces it.  This led me to my sidekicks who are always there for dogs Bradley and Doc.  They are truly my children!

I started trying to think of a logo and using them for it and at first started with Bradly (on the right).  It was rugged looking and just didn't have a teacher feel.  It was focused on his under bite that I love so much.

I decided on Smart Puppy Learning because I just always heard family and others say,"Woo that's one smart puppy" and they usually were referring to a person not a dog.  I proceeded to try to get my dogs to put on a pair of glasses. They like wearing clothes and are usually pretty good participants.  That is how I got my original picture of Doc in glasses.  Bradley just wouldn't stay still. (ignore the stack of mail next to him) lol

From there I played with the photo and cropped and colored it until I got this...
 My first logo looked like this when I finished. I decided it was too busy and within a few months it evolved.
From here I got to here with the polka dots and shortened my name just in my logo...

 Finally I have come to this and this is where it will stay for the mean time...

In August, after attending the TpT Conference (SO much fun)!  I decided that I wanted to go into clipart.  I felt in doing clipart that I owed it to my loyal followers to split my store into a second store that would focus on clipart. The reason behind this was that my followers that want curriculum usually aren't looking for clipart, this way only those interested in clipart get that email and when I blog about it and do everything else it can stand alone.  Through this I came up with the name Ta-Doodles.

Ta-Doodles of course has doodles in the title because I like to doodle plain and simple. I have been a doodler since I was about 6 years old.  The thought that people want to buy my clip art is a huge honor and a thrill for me.  I love every minute of it.  You might ask then, well where did the "Ta" in Ta-Doodles come from?  The Ta is for my name Tonja.  I thought using my name would wants again be difficult because of the spelling, but just like my art, the name has a piece of me.  I also like that in my crazy head is sounds almost for a moment like you will say "ta-da" when you see it!  That is how Ta-Doodles came to be and to keep with my original namesake and logo I combined it and got the below logo.

The sad part...Doc is getting quite old and I don't think he will be with us much longer.  I love him dearly and he is the sweetest dog you would ever meet.  He is a rescue puppy from the shelter.  He was old, abused, and not in the best of health when I got him.  I am glad I have been his comfort in his last years and I pray that we have him for many more even if he is getting old.  I find there are few truer statements in life than a dog is man's best friend.

Thank you for reading my story.  Leave me a note and let me know you were here! I love meeting new people.  Thank you to Art with Jenny K. for having this opportunity to link up!


  1. I love your logo stories. I'm also nuts about sweet Doc's image with the glasses. He sure is a smart puppy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww! I loved your story. Anything about dogs just warms my heart! I'm so glad we met as I got to see your wonderful clip art and put a few things in my shopping cart! Happy New Year!


  3. Doc is adorable. I'm a doodler as well, just doodles that are nothing that amounts to anything. Whenever I have a new boss or anything like that I have to let them know that I am listening. I just doodle while I listen!
    Thanks for sharin!
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  4. You're so talented to be able to make your own logo! And your dog is adorable and will always be a part of your life now, no matter what happens in the future. I hope we meet this summer at the next conference!

    1. Thank you Linda! It would be great to meet! I went to conference last year and really hoping I can swing it with my schedule and finances again this year! It was a great experience! :)

  5. Love your story and your sweet fur babies Tonja. I think you are an awesomely talented doodler.

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