Friday Freebie: Kidz in Fun Winter Caps!

This freebie set of Clip Kidz was inspired by my students!

Our first week back from break and my kiddos all got these cute hats for Christmas.  One of my little girls (who is cute as a bug I might mention) came in with this pink puppy dog hat on the Tuesday the kids came back.  I was in LOVE with it!  The pink color was just adorable!  She is the inspiration for this freebie.  Such a giving and happy kiddo!  I hope you enjoy!

If you like these two kiddos you might also like this paid set of other kids in fun hats that I released a while back.  A couple of them are student inspired too.  I couldn't help but add the two above cuties to the collection though!

Thank you Cheryl for the link up!  Hop on over to her site the Techie Turtle Teacher for other great freebies!


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