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In honor of celebrating Teachers are Heroes with the TpT Sale I am also linking up with some great people to talk about some of my teacher heroes.  Thanks to Lucky Frogs Lilypad for hosting!

I have so many teacher heroes!  My heroes range from the teachers I've taught alongside in the trenches over the past 13 years as well as the teachers who have taught me along the way.  Thanks to Facebook I am able to keep up with many of them, though some from my childhood remain out of touch.  However, one teacher stands out amongst all of them.  This teacher wasn't a grade school teacher, but rather a college professor (a group we often forget I think at times).

Dr. Roland

Dr. Roland was an amazing teacher.  I was blessed to have Dr. Roland for more four or five classes in college at a tiny little baptist school in central Texas.  I had heard that he was tough and sarcastic to boot.  I went into his class with the flippant attitude of a freshman expecting that this class was just another obstacle to get me to where I wanted to go. wasn't.  Dr. Roland quickly saw through what I was doing and he challenged me.  This time the challenge was different from my past experiences.  I was challenged not to be the same as everyone else, but to be better.  He pushed me to be a better me and to find my strengths.

Dr. Roland also taught me that you don't have to follow the crowd in teaching.  I was taught great techniques that involved thinking outside the box and being different in my instruction.  I was also taught that you have to listen to your students' needs and make sure they are met.  We went beyond the curriculum in our classes with Dr. Roland.  I still remember the day we pulled out markers and were instructed to take of our socks and shoes and put the marker between our what the heck?  (I still remember thinking, ummm I'll pass).  As we did this activity, and not well I might add, we learned a valuable lesson.  Dr. Roland had us put down the markers and discuss what we felt and how it happened. He then explained that this is how small children feel when writing at first.  He used it to explain fine motor skills to us within the realm of child development.  This is just one of the many, many lessons I taught from him.

Beyond the classroom, one thing I loved about Dr. Roland was his life outside of school.  He contributed in the community, was involved in church, and he pursues other interests that were so fun and different!  He truly taught me I could be all I wanted to be.

The biggest lesson this man taught me came in a conversation we had my freshmen year.  I had been up to something...not sure what.  Dr. Roland looked me in the eyes and said, "You can be like the people around you, or you can be what you were meant to be."  Those words have stuck with me.  I have had many great people in my life, parents included, who attempted to realize my capabilities.  It was in the months after that where I found what Dr. Roland meant.  If it had not been for this one professor who was willing to push me, I would not have graduated from my program early.  I would not have gotten my Masters degree if it weren't for him and I would most certainly not be finishing a PhD without having had a teacher like him in college.

Teacher's truly make the difference in a child's or young adult's life.  Teachers have the power to make or break dreams and to ignite a fire within that burns far beyond the days and months they spend teaching.  Thank you for all of you who are heroes in some child's life!  You truly are amazing!

Nerdy Bird Superheroes!

I can't seem to get enough nerdy birds for my own classroom.  My students love them! Here is a new set with the nerdy birds as superheroes!  Enjoy!

There is a SALE coming!!!

There will be a SaLe on TpT in just a few short hours and both of my stores will be on SALE.  Check out my new clipart sets you may want to add to your cart to get ready!  Scroll to the end for a FREEBIE!!!
 @ the Farm is part of a NEW series!  I will be featuring different places and the things you find there.  Stay tuned for many sets to come...and if you have a request, PLEASE feel free to send me an email and I can add it to the list! :)
 This is one of my new FAVE sets...Just Blowing Bubbles.  I like it for a very nerdy reason...I figured out how to make transparent pictures.  You are the benefactor of that if you get this set. The bubbles all throughout it are see through...set them on top of other things and what the pictures pop!

 Reading Kidz was a fan request.  Some of you may have seen the original.  After creating these kids I found out that there was a trademark infringment.  I wasn't aware that the red and white hat was trademarked by Dr. Seuss.  SO, the hat has been changed to reflect the overall fun of reading to insure that my fans and I both stay out of copright and trademark issues. ;)

These happy flowers are my thank you to my followers for being so supportive of my work!  We reached 400 and we are already half way to 500!  Help me spread the word of my art so that I can shower you with some more Ta-Doodles love!  In all seriousness, the teachers I am meeting on this journey have been so supportive and kind, ya'll make me smile and give me a reason to keep drawing! THANK YOU!

Saint Patrick's Day

I absolutely love Saint Patrick's Day!  It used to be because I am part Irish...something I and many of my family members are quite proud of.  However, two years ago a new reason came to be...I got married!  Yes, I married my amazing husband on Saint Patrick's Day.  This year we will celebrate two years of marriage. He is my best friend and soul mate.  I can't imagine life without him!

So here are two sets that would be great for any project celebrating one of my favorite days of the year!  Enjoy!

Mardi Gras!

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday!  Any of my teaching friends who may have to teach about Mardi Gras or may be creating products for Mardi Gras might be interested in this set released that was recently released!

My Favorite Thing February

I am excited to link up with the Teaching Trio and talk about three of the things I'm LOVING this February!  It was hard to choose just three things, because, man do I have a lot of things I LOVE!  This month I want to share with you three of my favorite things I use when creating clipart and share why they are so awesome and you should love them too!

 Okay, so here are my three FAVES for clipart creation!

1.  Adobe Illustrator - hands down, if you want to design clip art this is you go to product!  To say it has a learning curve, might be a bit of an understatement if you don't have experience with Adobe products or are not as tech savvy.  Once you have it down though, it is very efficient and it will turn your drawings into works of art!  Here is an example of what I have done with it!

This is where I start...

And you end with this...
 The elements of Adobe Illustrator are unparallelled and they provide crisp lines as well as the ability to add detail through different features.  If you are concerned about the learning curve, there are TONS of how-to videos on Youtube as well as tutorials offered by Adobe.

2.  My second favorite today are these Master's Touch Drawing pads.  I was told by a very wise person who has been doing this longer than me that paper quality matters.  I heeded that advice and went on a search to find the paper that best suited my needs. I like having it in a spiral because its easy to keep up with my sets.

I label the outside of my spiral with the date, year, and the sets I've made in that spiral as I do them so that I can keep them organized and keep up with my hard copies of my original work.

In searching for spirals, I came upon the Master's Touch brand at Hobby Lobby.  The paper quality is awesome!  They are smooth and they rarely bleed through when I use sharpies to go over images.  So they have been perfect for me.  To boot, they go on sale usually once a month and are 40% off.  So my spirals end up costing me around $4 each or less.  Which is good since I use 3 or 4 each month minimum.

3. Finally, number 3 is a much simpler product from my past.  I LOVE click eraser!.  They are easy to use, keep clean and they just look so darn fun!  I was super excited this past week to find some in purple and green!  It's the little things in life! haha

Join in the fun and link up over at Teaching Trio using the link below!

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Where did January go?  It is hard to believe it is February! I'm looking forward to this month being a great one!

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My husband, through an odd turn of events a few months ago, decided he wanted a cat.  We have to dogs and I had wanted a cat, but he wasn't on board.  Well, after visiting animal control rescue animals at the pound we came upon a kitten that he was absolutely in love with...problem, it had a sister that needed adopting too.  Long story short, we now have two kittens.  They are normally great!  They often like to spend an hour in the evenings running up and down the stairs in our two story house.  There is never a dull moment. Oh, and the dog, well he is allergic to grass and sneezes. Yes, a dog that is allergic to grass haha.


My husband works long hours and usually has to work weekends. This is one of a couple of Sundays a month that he is off.  I love having him off to go to church with on Sundays!  I look forward to the day we get him a job that allows him to be off on the weekends.


Its February, AHHH!!! I have SO much to do!  Clip art sets to get ready, a few Valentine's Day products to finish up for my other store Smart Puppy Learning, time to start writing Chapter 3 of my dissertation.  Time to start doing interviews and collecting data for the dissertation.  Oh, the list goes on and on.


I've been having the urge to paint and I have a gift to get ready for a friend's baby shower. Ran out of time this weekend, but hopefully I'll get to it soon.

What I really need is a live in made.  The laundry is never ending and there is always a dish to be cleaned it feels like. I can feel spring cleaning around the corner as well.

Pagent Title:  Well, I'm procrastinating on all the above mentioned to blog and play on Facebook!  Ha!

Wishing everyone a great February!  Thanks to Farley of Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the great blog hop!