My Favorite Thing February

I am excited to link up with the Teaching Trio and talk about three of the things I'm LOVING this February!  It was hard to choose just three things, because, man do I have a lot of things I LOVE!  This month I want to share with you three of my favorite things I use when creating clipart and share why they are so awesome and you should love them too!

 Okay, so here are my three FAVES for clipart creation!

1.  Adobe Illustrator - hands down, if you want to design clip art this is you go to product!  To say it has a learning curve, might be a bit of an understatement if you don't have experience with Adobe products or are not as tech savvy.  Once you have it down though, it is very efficient and it will turn your drawings into works of art!  Here is an example of what I have done with it!

This is where I start...

And you end with this...
 The elements of Adobe Illustrator are unparallelled and they provide crisp lines as well as the ability to add detail through different features.  If you are concerned about the learning curve, there are TONS of how-to videos on Youtube as well as tutorials offered by Adobe.

2.  My second favorite today are these Master's Touch Drawing pads.  I was told by a very wise person who has been doing this longer than me that paper quality matters.  I heeded that advice and went on a search to find the paper that best suited my needs. I like having it in a spiral because its easy to keep up with my sets.

I label the outside of my spiral with the date, year, and the sets I've made in that spiral as I do them so that I can keep them organized and keep up with my hard copies of my original work.

In searching for spirals, I came upon the Master's Touch brand at Hobby Lobby.  The paper quality is awesome!  They are smooth and they rarely bleed through when I use sharpies to go over images.  So they have been perfect for me.  To boot, they go on sale usually once a month and are 40% off.  So my spirals end up costing me around $4 each or less.  Which is good since I use 3 or 4 each month minimum.

3. Finally, number 3 is a much simpler product from my past.  I LOVE click eraser!.  They are easy to use, keep clean and they just look so darn fun!  I was super excited this past week to find some in purple and green!  It's the little things in life! haha

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  1. I love reading about your process! Adobe Illustrator looks really impressive. I will have to keep that in mind about the paper... and I LOVE click erasers!

    Adventures of a Schoolmarm

  2. Adobe Illustrator looks awesome! Not sure if I'd use it enough to invest in it though...