There is a SALE coming!!!

There will be a SaLe on TpT in just a few short hours and both of my stores will be on SALE.  Check out my new clipart sets you may want to add to your cart to get ready!  Scroll to the end for a FREEBIE!!!
 @ the Farm is part of a NEW series!  I will be featuring different places and the things you find there.  Stay tuned for many sets to come...and if you have a request, PLEASE feel free to send me an email and I can add it to the list! :)
 This is one of my new FAVE sets...Just Blowing Bubbles.  I like it for a very nerdy reason...I figured out how to make transparent pictures.  You are the benefactor of that if you get this set. The bubbles all throughout it are see through...set them on top of other things and what the pictures pop!

 Reading Kidz was a fan request.  Some of you may have seen the original.  After creating these kids I found out that there was a trademark infringment.  I wasn't aware that the red and white hat was trademarked by Dr. Seuss.  SO, the hat has been changed to reflect the overall fun of reading to insure that my fans and I both stay out of copright and trademark issues. ;)

These happy flowers are my thank you to my followers for being so supportive of my work!  We reached 400 and we are already half way to 500!  Help me spread the word of my art so that I can shower you with some more Ta-Doodles love!  In all seriousness, the teachers I am meeting on this journey have been so supportive and kind, ya'll make me smile and give me a reason to keep drawing! THANK YOU!

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