Worship Wednesday

I keep meaning to link up to this awesome blog linky by Adventures of a Schoolmarm.  Its called Worship Wednesday and its a chance to share and reflect on what has stirred your faith this week.

Well, I'm a day late, but I still want to link up.  I've started reading a new book with a group I'm in called, The Best Yes, here's the cover...

 Chapter 1 really rocked my world as she discussed how we don't have to say yes to everything and everyone.  I could hear myself in her words.  I'm excited to continue through the study and to have more to share with you.

This verse is one I have been reflecting on this week as well...

In my head there are so many worries that go on. I am an over thinker, over achiever who constantly has something on her mind.  My dear, sweet husband has reminded me over the past few months though that my worries are not something God calls of me. God calls me to trust and to put my faith in Him.  He calls me to look to Him in my commitments as well, not to worry myself to death that I will be hated for saying no to this person or that.  This is a daily struggle for me, but I pray that in reflecting on this daily, I will eventually get to a place of less worry and more faith that God has it handled and I need to just live in today.

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  1. Your husband is SO right! God doesn't call us to have worry-filled minds... but to experience His peace, which transcends all understanding. I struggle with this, too. I am also an overachiever and I give myself lot of extra things to accomplish. The reality is that God loves me whether I ever accomplish all those things.