About Me

About Me


I'm excited to introduce myself and make a new friend!  My name is Tonja.  I am a wife, a teacher, student and mother to two furbabies.  I love my life and the chance for new adventures and challenges!  And the truth is, I find new challenges to add to my plate every day! lol

                                                                       Much Love!

As a wife...

I married the love my my life just two years ago.  We love going to movies, spending times with friends and family, and going on adventures together even if they are just to the latest dive we've found out about in town.

As a teacher...

I've been a teacher much longer than I've been  wife.  It's what I was made to be and I view it as a high calling.  I will start year 12 this year...WOW just saying it makes me realize how long that is!  I have seen many different things in my career, many good and some not so good.  One thing remains the same, I love to teach and love kids!

I have taught everything K-4.   My favorites are the littles, teaching a wide eyed child how to read for the first time is so much fun!  However, last year I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the challenge of teaching third grade in a new district.  I love the challenge of teaching third. Its fun to find new innovative ways to give students that aha! moment and to teach them they can do anything they set their minds to!

As a student...

I am currently finishing my PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.  When I grow up, I'd love to be a Curriculum Coordinator in a school district, a University Professor, an Associate Superintendent or Director of Curriculum, and a Published Author who speaks and teaches other teachers.  Not all at once, but you know...some day...I will hopefully accomplish all of them.  One step at a time!  For now I continue to finish my dissertation and to expand my sales and improve my teaching through my Teachers Pay Teachers Store - Smart Puppy Learning.

 As a furbaby mom...

We want children someday, but until that day there is no doubt that these two furballs are my babies.  I have had my dogs for 5 years now.  My spoiled rotten Losa/Pom, Bradley and my pound puppy rescue Labrador/Retriever Mix.  They've been with me through so much and I can't imagine life without them!

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